Apple iPhone 5 rumors heating up


As the Septemer 12 Apple announcement nears, speculations abou the impending latest iPhone device have been heating up.

Reports and images of the so-called iPhone 5 have been reported and leaked. While some retailers have said that they have already received spare parts for the iPhone 5.

Leaked images show a 4 inch screen iPhone variant for the iPhone 5. Thoguh the design is similar to the iPhone 4, the rumored iPhone 5 packs meaner features. Pixel density on the other hand is rumored to be the same with its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 is much anticipated by consumers. Some even hold on to their old smartphones in their desire to purchase the latest iPhone device by Apple.

This writer even received reports regarding spare parts for the iPhone 5 arriving in one retail shops in Singapore. The spare parts is said to have come together with a manual and an illustration of the iPhone 5 and its controls.

September 12 is the day that Apple answers all these speculations and rumors. If reports are catual, then expect to have a major shake-up in the smartphone market.

While the Samsung Galaxy S III sales have been rather strong, we might see a downward trend after Apple releases their iPhone 5.

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