Women queens of Facebook; Men kings of LinkedIn


If we pit men and women against each other as social media /networking lords, then it would look something like this.

When we talk about the micro blogging site Twitter and leading social networking service Facebook, then it’s a women’s world. But when we talk about posting on Facebook, men show that they update posts more than their female counterparts.

If we speak about online gaming, you might think that men rule this part of the cyberworld. Well, females now have the lead as Zynga, the world’s leading online gaming service, has pegged that 60% of their clientele are women. Zynga currently has about 250 million players logging on every month.

But men still call themselves the leader of the pack in a small niche of the social networking world.

Men account to 63% of LinkedIn users and men account to two-thirds of the population of Google+.

Other stats also show that women are more private when it comes to their social networking profiles. 67% of women set their profiles to privates while only 48% of men do so.

82% of Pinterest’s users are women and men only account to 18% of the site’s population.

Well, are you agreeing with the statistics? Which social media do you use?

Image Source: mashable.com