iPad Mini set to battle the 7-inch space?


A short while after the official birth of the Google Nexus 7, people on Apple’s side have increased the rumors spreading around that Apple is going to take on the Android 7-inch Tablets, by releasing its own iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will apparently be released sometime this year with a 7-inch or 8-inch screen, designed to combat the increasing popularity of smaller e-books that are contesting the might of Apple in the tablet space.

We’ve heard about the iPad Mini for a while now. The rumors started ever since the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle Fire became apparent. It would seem very foolish at the time, but many people insist that it is true, and that it will come soon. It looks as though the recent rumors will prove them right, as insiders from Apple’s manufacturers are confirming the production of what we know as the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is speculated to have been developed in case the 7-inch market would explode into its own niche. That is happening right now, seeing that Amazon and Google are at each other’s necks with the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. There are other tablets with the same 7-inch form factor, and it is very apparent that people are into it. People are buying these smaller and cheaper tablets.

Some would speculate that the iPad Mini would eventually be carved into a $199 price point, but we all know how much Apple likes to maintain a 30% or more margins on their products. It is more likely that we will see a $299 iPad Mini, and Apple will likely market it as a “Premium” 7-inch tablet. It will directly combat the Kindle Fire and the new Nexus 7. What the specs will be is anyone’s guess. It could take a very similar approach to the iPad 2’s tech or they can push iPad 3 specs into a smaller device. We all know that Apple is likely to keep mum about it until the actual release date.

If all of these rumors and speculations are true, then Apple must be feeling the burn that Android is making in their pockets. In this battle, it is all about market share. Apple cannot afford to lose its dominance in the Tablet market and they certainly won’t want to miss out on the chance to dominate a different size niche. Apple products sell. That is a proven fact. People anticipate that this will be another Apple success.

What about you? Will you get a 7-inch iPad if given the chance?

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