Windows Phone 8 to feature new wave-design keyboard


Who wants a curved keyboard placed in a Windows 8 smartphone?

Nokia tinkered with the idea of a curved keyboard years ago with their 3650 model. Now, HTC is planning to put it in place again with their new HTC Trophy smartphone.

Unlike the Nokia 3650, the HTC trophy, according to leaked reports, has a wave-shaped ergonomically designed keyboard. This was developed for individuals to use only a single thumb to key in words.

The HTC Trophy is powered by Microsoft Windows 8.

But things might not be smooth for this intricate design.

The screenshot that was leaked shows that Microsoft has combined the traditional QWERTY keyboard with that of the alphanumeric pad, normally used on mobile phones on their Windows Phone 8.

The leaked screenshot comes from a Microsoft presentation, but this doesn’t mean that they are going to unveil it on their upcoming Windows Phone 8.

However, there is a chance that it will be rolled out in future.

If this is so, then this might make or break the Windows Phone 8. This intricately designed keyboard has not been tested by individuals who are used to using alphanumeric and QWERTY styled keyboards.

If things don’t plan out as what Microsoft planned it to be, then this could be drastic for the Windows Phone 8.

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