Keep communications private with the Wickr app


The number of sex scandals that have proliferated in cyberspace have increased in number. People from all walks of life, celebrities and even your girl next door, can be targeted by individuals who unscrupulously distribute this material.

At times these said scandals come from leaked emailed images or text messages from the individual itself.

Here comes an app that can save you from those preying eyes.

The Wickr app, which has been downloaded numerous times since it was released for iOS devices, can protect you from the embarrassment of being a target.

Startup co-founder Nico Sell said, “Now by default, all our personal and business communications are traceable. We think that by default your communications should be untraceable.”

The Wickr app enables you to send secure text or voice messages, as well as photos or video excerpt securely.

Wickr encrypts files end-to-end so that no copies are lift to linger on computer servers used to send those messages.

Wickr co-founder Rober Statica said, “After you view a message or picture, the application erases the forensics on the phone so no one could go back and find a trace of that.”

The Wickr app will be available for Android powered devices soon.

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