VLC releases app for Android


VLC has long been used by individuals to play their videos. This free media player has been one of the most sought after programs for video connoisseurs.

Now, Google Play is offering the Beta version of the VLC media player for Android.

This media player can play multiple video formats. Thus, it has made a name for itself in the market.

Though there are a number of apps out there that could play multiple formats, such as BS Player, Dice and MX Player for Android devices, if VLC has developed a product that is equal to their VLC Media Player then it could make a mark in this market.

Since it is still in Beta phase, don’t expect for it to be perfect. A lot needs to tinkered for it to be rolled out in its final phase.

VLC for Android gives support for separate file subtitles and embedded ones. You will need to manually enable the video decoding hardware acceleration, as it comes disabled.

Though it is rather late for VLC to develop a product for smartphones, VLC still is a name that people have trusted.

If given a chance, will you download the VLC for Android in your Android device?

Image Source: frandroid.com