UK Judge orders Apple to “advertise” Samsung in their UK website


A UK judged has ordered iOS developer Apple to issue a statement saying that Korean tech manufacturer Samsung didn’t copy their design for the Apple’s iPad.

According to Bloomberg, the statement of the company must be published on Apple’s UK website in a period of six months and also be published in major newspapers and magazines all over Britain.

UK Judge Colin Birss also ordered Apple to issue a statement that details the July 9 ruling of the court in which the latter found no probable cause on Apple’s claim over the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Birrs added that the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Tablets didn’t infringe any of Apple’s iPad. He even said that the Galaxy Tab isn’t as cool as that of the iPad.

Birss said, “The Galaxy tablets do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool.”

Apple lawyer Richard Hacon told the court, “No company likes to refer to a rival o its website.”

The Judge’s decision will make Apple’s website a means of advertising for Samsung.

There are several legal battles that occur in a number of countries that pit Apple and Samsung regarding patent infringement.

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