Mozilla releases Firefox 14


Mozilla announced that they released the latest version of their Firefox browser, the Firefox 14. This latest entrant to the browser wars is Mozilla’s latest open sourced web browser that features improved security, enhanced support for modern Web standards and minor tweaks.

One of the most important changes Mozilla made in Firefox 14 is its security search feature. This change allows that browser’s built-in search to use an SSL-encrypted HTTPS address by default for all Google searches. This ensures that queries can’t be intercepted by packet sniffing.

Mozilla announced this latest feature last May when it was rolled out in the Aurora channel.

This new feature only works with Google searches as of the moment, though Mozilla is going to make this available to other search engines.

At the same time, Firefox 14 will no longer display a favicon in the URL bar. In lieu of this, it will display either a padlock or a globe. Icons displayed will depend on the site you are visiting whether it has SSL enabled.

Mozilla also introduced official support for the Pointer Lock API. This functionality will be good news to the gamers due to its wide variety of potential uses for this segment of users.

Have you tried the Firefox 14? What are your comments about this new bowser?

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