Samsung bridges the gap between phone and tablet


For tech giant Samsung, size seems to be everything. That is probably the reason why the phones they have developed since the Galaxy S have been getting bigger and bigger. They even experimented on Tablet phones by launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab phone editions. These 7-inch phones that double as your tablet and e-book reader have created a new niche for themselves.

Still, Samsung feels like there is something missing between 4-inches and 7-inches. That is probably what prompted them to make another size niche, the 5-inch series they called the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was an underrated revolution. Even in this world of touch phones, there are those who miss the accuracy and the easy of being able to use a stylus to interact with their devices. What good is a large screen real-estate if they are not able to do simple task as writing and drawing, simply because they are not used to doing that with their finger alone?

The Samsung Galaxy Note addressed those needs by allowing both touch and stylus inputs on a single device, with a large enough screen to allow you to do your work, and yet be small enough to fit your pocket and act as a phone. This bridged the unseen gap between the tablet and the phone. Many people digressed from the idea. Some would say the large screen is just too much and looks ridiculous during a call. The big shots from Korea don’t seem to think so.

attnote New leaks pertaining to the successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note reveal that while the original had a 5.3-inch screen; it would seem that they stretched that even further to 5.5-inches. Hopefully, they will be able to maintain the size of the actual phone, as anything bigger would just be too big for the hand and the pocket. The unnamed Samsung rep also reveals that there would at least be 12-13 megapixels for the camera and that it would sport a Quad core processor, which we all expect to be another Exynos processor.

It would also seem that Samsung will include the Android Jelly Bean in the upcoming device, although it remains to be seen if it will be influenced by Touchwiz, and by how much will they alter the vanilla experience. One thing is for sure, it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy Note is another device to look out for in you plans to get a new smartphone. It has certainly come in handy for a lot of users and the new release may just get more people raring to go at the new niche.

Will you be dropping your cash on this new device?

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