Play iOS games on your TV with the iOS GameDock


Another Kickstarter is trying to change the way individuals play on their smartphones.

Though there are already ways to bring the game you are playing in your smartphone to a TV, AirPlay mirroring for iOS 5 users, still the results aren’t that crisp and great. What lacks is a dedicated device that lets you play your favorite iPhone game and stream them in your TV in ways more practical and better than the latter.

Well, Andi Greisel and Chris Jorgensen had an idea and want to make this idea real with GameDock. The two are developers, who by the way created iOS games such as Cavorite and Zombie Karts, and would love to make a device that is basically intended to let you play games in your TV using your iPhone without all those hassles. All you need to do is plug your iOS device into the console and voila!

That’s why theyreated the iOS GameDock. This device turns your iOS device into a TV based console powered by USB controllers and an HDMI output.

The two developers are trying to start a Kickstarter fund for the iOS GameDock.

If you’re a heavy gamer on your iOS device, then GameDock could be a good addition to your gadgets as this could practically make that gaming experience even better.

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