Pay for your train ride using your smartphone!


Ever experienced forgetting your purse or wallet and realizing it only when you’re already at the train station?

Well, if you’re a clumsy and forgetful commuter, here’s one good new for you.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York will begin testing a new way for you to hop on a train without shelling money for the Metro North Railroad.

During the testing phase, employees of the company will be the ones who will be the Guinea Pigs for the experiment. These individuals will download the free app on their smartphones. With their BlackBerrys, iPhones and Android handsets, they will be able to use these to pay for their train ticket.

The e-ticket shows as a bar code that the conductor can scan with a handheld device to check for its validity.

According to Metro North President Howard Permut said, “Our customers adapted quickly to TVMs and the machines became the preferred way to buy tickets. The latest is intended to ensure that the newest will be equally easy to use, as well as secure and reliable.”

The MTA is going to partner with Masabi US Ltd to provide the technology. The latter has already partnered with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority which has already launched a similar smartphone ticketing system.

Would you consider replacing your train ticket with an app for your smartphone?

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