HTC relieved, as court favors them over Apple


So you thought that Apple is heavily favored in winning case battles that involves patents?

Well, HTC just proved you wrong when a London court ruling against Apple over patent infringement claims.

According to the website of London’s High Court, the devices of HTC are not guilty of infringing four Apple patents. One of the key patents that Apple though HTC infringed was their slide-to-unlock- feature.

Apple has been fighting it out in all fronts against other companies including Korean tech giant Samsung, which they defeated in an American court a few days ago. HTC wasn’t able to escape the wrath of Apple, even forcing HTC to delay release of two of their smartphones in the US.

Last December, the International Trade Commission said that some HTC devices have infringed a patent or patents by Apple for technology that enables users to click on phone number or other data in an email or any document to directly dial or give the user more information.

A few days ago, a US trade panel turned down Apple’s request to disallow HTC to bring their questioned devices to the US because of copyright or patent infringement.

Well, I guess this set back isn’t really that big for Apple.