Facebook to roll out new Photos look in your Timeline


Prepare for a new and revamped look on your Facebook Timeline as the social media mogul is redesigning the Photos service to the dismay of some individuals.

A lot of individuals were up in arms when Facebook rolled out its Timeline. Now, people who still haven’t had the opportunity to at least settle down with their new Facebook profiles, the company is once again tweaking it.

The new page will have all the Facebook user’s photographs in one page so that your friends can easily comment and like the image.

Facebook is going to roll out this new feature slowly to all of its active users.

A spokesperson from Facebook said to Emil Protalinski of CNET, “It’ll be rolling out slowly over the course of a few weeks.”

Facebook also said that this new design will enable you to see “larger pictures that fill up the page” when you click the Photos tab on your Timeline. Here, you will also be able to view images you’ve shared and albums that you’ve created.

As you may have notice, the once simple Facebook profile page that you had has not turned into an intricate design that a number of individuals have yet to ride on.

At any rate, Facebook has been trying to revamp the new look to update the profile page as more than 300 million images are uploaded to the site daily.

Image Source: thenextweb.com