Males retweet messages on Twitter more than females


Data show that women are the majority of Twitter users. But another statistic shows that male Twitter users are the ones who click on the retweet button more often than their lady counterparts.

A company based in Sweden developed a tool that reveals how many women and men are retweeted by each Twitter user. Called the Twitter Equality Quotient or Twee-Q, it found out that men are the leaders in the retweet race.

Developed by a company called Crossing Boarder, they conducted about 11,000 tests with the tool and they found out that 63% of retweets are from males while only 37% are coming from females.

They even tested US President Obama’s Twitter account and they found out that those who retweet his tweets were 79% men and the rest are women.

Snoop Dogg has a male dominant retweet population with 84% while Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga have equal retweet opportunists.

According to Twee-Q, “We want to change the world by showing how each of us rank women and men when contributing to a conversation. Only when we see how we act, who we choose to listen to and acknowledge, can we take the first steps toward a truly equal society.”

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