Facebook rolls out new wedding feature


In a move to help those who are about to wed, Facebook is pulling all the strings, so your friends won’t miss the day you exchange vows with your partner.

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that deals with special events, specifically engagements and weddings, on your friends’ homepage so that they won’t miss it when they log in to their Facebook accounts. It’s located where the birthday reminder is located.

According to a spokesperson from Facebook who was interviewed by Mashable, “Facebook has become a unique way people share and congratulate friends around exciting life events such as engagements and weddings or the arrival of a child.”

Facebook also added that “to make it easier to keep up with these momentous occasions and to ensure you can share in your friends’ joy.”

Once your friend who is about to wed announces that they will do so, the post will appear on their friends’ homepage at least to those who they haven’t engaged with.

Much like the birthday feature, you can write on your friends’ wall and congratulate them.

Is this new feature helpful to the bride and groom or would this feature only raise the price of their weddings as people will be able to see that you’re going to get married?

Image Source: brittanyputnamphotography.com