Dell rolls out two new Precision series laptops


Dell unveiled two new laptops for business to add to their Precision mobile workstation line. The Precision M4700 and the Precision M6700 are Dell’s new twin babies. The former has a 15.6 inch screen while the M6700 has a 17.3 inch display.

The two new laptops come with either a Red Hat Linux 6 or a Windows 7 operating system depending on which one you choose. These two were developed by Dell for professional developers that enable them to customize configuration depending on what suits them. They both carry an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 or i7 processors that have the TurboBoost technology. You can opt to choose the 32GB of 1600MHz system memory or the 16GB at 1866MHz and a solid state hardrive of 512GB.

Also, you can select what type of graphic card to use. The options are an AMD FirePro Graphics or an NVIDIA Quadro K-series GPU.
Dell is branding the M6700 as the “Lightest 17 inch mobile workstation.”

A covet edition of the M6700 will be released by Dell featuring a Red Chasis finish and a Gorilla Glass 2 screen. The base price of the M4700 is $1,649, while the M6700 retails at $2,199. The M6700 Covet edition will be yours for $3,579.

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