Twitter release update for BlackBerry users


Research In Motion might be on the brink of a multi-million loss due to patent infringement, but the company still has high hopes that they can bounce bank through all the tumults that they have faced the past few years.

Still, BlackBerry users are hoping that RIM still has a lot of magic up its sleeves.

Blackberry users around the world have something to smile about, as there is an update on their Twitter app for their smartphones.

According to RIM’s corporate blog, Twitter for BlackBerry version 3.1 is now available for download. This update gives the app more detail and context to tweets. Users can now view full resolution images form and RIM maps for geotagged tweets.

This new update for Twitter for BlackBerry also supports right-to-left languages that includes Arabic and Hebrew.

New features also give users the ability to delete a retweet by simply tapping the retweet button again. Though this is nothing new to other Twitter app users on other platforms, it surely is a welcome sight fro BlackBerry users who time and again have complained about the lack of updates on their devices.

Though BlackBerry handset sales continue to drop, RIM still have millions of BlackBerry users round the world.

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