Android malware disguises itself as Firefox browser


GFI Labs discovered a malware that disguises itself as a new version of Firefox browser for Android.

Android users are warned that this app, posing as Mozilla’s browser, is being hosted by a number of Russian websites. One of the websites hosted a malware that disguises as an app of the popular game Grand Theft Auto during their 10th year anniversary.

According to GFI Labs blog post, “The criminals are leveraging on Firefox for Android in relation to the official, non-beta release of the said Web Browser on Google Play last June 26.”

GFI Labs said that their product detected the malware as Trojan.AndroidOS.Boxes.d.

According to GFI, once you install the app infected by the malware, it loads a Rules page on the infected phone and asks users to accept it.

The app automatically sends a text message to several numbers. The Rules page discloses this in a fine print that says that users will be billed for sending a premium text message.

GFI added, “Boxer then directs users to the actual website where the legitimate app can be downloaded after claiming that it has successfully activated.”

So if you are trying to download Firefox for Android on your smartphone, be sure that it’s from a legitimate source.

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