Sell those magnificent iPhone photos you took!


Want to earn extra money with your photos that were captured by your iPhone?

A new app called Foap will enable you to sell your photo that you think is a work of art.

The Swedish-designed app is perfect for the average iPhone users who want to earn extra cash. Users only need to upload photos (unedited or raw), tag them and wait for the approval. Once they are approved, the photos directly go to the Foap market for $10 each.

You earn $5 for each photo sold. The other half goes to the developers.

The developers of Foap developed the app because they were frustrated with the quality of stock images that they use. The developers used to be in the travel industry.

This gave them the idea to develop a product that would find authentic and photos that they can use and sell them t drive in traffic to their site.

Foap was launched about a month ago. The app currently has 10,000 downloads and has a collection of 40,000 images.

The Foap market is open to everybody who wants to purchase stock photos.

For buyers who are looking for a specific photograph, they can ask the Foap community to submit their requested photos.

Sound interesting, right?

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