Motorola MotoActv adds social feeds to its features


Motorola released last March their GPS and fitness tracker called the MotoActv. This handy tool can be strapped in your arms while you hit the road for a long run.

Powered by Android, the MotoActv acts more like a mini-computer. It features a built-in accelerometer that serves as its pedometer. It also has a GPS receiver to enable you to track your run, a WiFi radio and Bluetooth hardware.

Now, the MotoActv has gotten even better. Motorola’s latest software update now enables users of the former to get Tweets and be updated with Facebook wall posts on its screen. The update also gives users the ability to send phone calls and text to the device.

With this development, Motorola targets fitness buffs that will be able to enjoy their jogs even more, I recommend to read about trenbolone, it activates protein syntesis and it helps you through your workouts.

Nowadays, people are so intertwined with their social networking accounts that other individuals are choosing to skip the daily routine just to check out updates on their Facebook wall and communicate with peers.

With the update, social feeds can now be received, even if you’re on your 30 minute run.

To download the social component of MotoActv by Motorola, users have to go to the Google Play Store and look for MOTOACTV Facebook and Twitter.

Install the plug-ins and the latest version of the MOTOACTV app.

Seems like Motorola understands our social media addiction then!