Instaprints let you earn from your Instagram photos


Are you fond of taking pictures with your smartphones and tablets and and use Instagram to upload and post them? Do you need cash because of troubling times?

Well, you can do both and post photos while at the same time earn.

Called Instaprints, this service enables Instagram photographers to sell their works as canvas, framed, acrylic prints, posters and greeting cards.

Instaprints creator Sean Broihier, who is also the man behind Fine Art America, said, “Creating Instaprints was a natural extension of what we’ve been doing with Fine Art America. On Fine Art America, we make it easy for professional artists and photographers to sell their images as beautiful prints which buyers can hang on their walls. With Instaprints, we are offering the exact same functionality to Instagram’s 40+ million users. In less than a minute, any Instagram user can join, import his/her portfolio of images and immediately begin selling.”

Once you sell a photo, Instaprint’s pays you via PayPal or check every 15th of the month.

The company charges a base price for different products but sellers can opt to mark up the price of their works. This markup is the earnings of the seller.

At least you can earn while you enjoy Instagram at the same time!

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