Facebook vs Big Brother… again!


This might be what they mean that a company headed by a single man would go to ruin. They said two (or more) heads are better than one, but Facebook’s CEO calls all the shots himself. Spending cash like it was his pocket money, and throwing features left and right, forcing the timeline. There are a lot of disappointed Facebook users out there. Some are threatening to leave, while I’ve known of others that have already left Facebook. Here is another reason why you might want to leave the social site.

Facebook recently put live an app that allows Facebook and all other users who use the app to see where you are. That is right. Your Facebook account is plastered in our faces and shows us that you are nearby. An app they call ‘Find Friends Nearby’ was another controversial hit against the average user’s privacy. You know what? Facebook freaked out and pulled the app as soon as they could.

fb friendshake 2 edited People nowadays are already freaked out with privacy issues, the last thing they want is to add another way for people to lose anonymity. Still, Facebook defends the feature as something that people can use to effectively add a new friend by simply launching this app and locating that friend.

I think that is rubbish. If that is all they wanted, the best way was to implement digital Facebook business cards that can easily be shared from phone to phone. That would be the logical way of providing someone your Facebook location, without going through search.

Despite pulling the app from circulation, you have to wonder, what if they have access to it right now and know where you are, and you don’t know they do yet? I hear Big Brother calling, do you?

Image sources: Techcrunch.com, fivestarlaw.com