Facebook now enables you to edit your comment


“Oops! Did I just post that?”

This has always been the line of individuals who have made a mistake in commenting on a post on Facebook. Before, the only thing that you can do was to delete the comment and retype it. Mistakes such as spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences makes you squirm and making those same mistakes makes you feel bad.

Now, Facebook has rolled out their latest innovation. The latter enables you to edit those gaffes that you make when posting a comment.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “This is particularly useful if you’ve made a typo within your comment but already received some likes. Now you won’t have to delete the comment entirely, just edit it.”

Now those individuals who are targeted by grammar guards can edit their Facebook comments.

Isn’t this great?

But people can see your original comment in the list. Facebook members can click to see the unedited version to do so.

The Facebook spokesperson added, “Anyone who can see the comment will also be able to see the edited history. If you don’t want to show past versions, you can just delete it and recommend as you would have before this feature.”

Is this good news to you?

Image Source: technabob.com