AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition Tips the Balance


Video games have become increasingly beautiful these past few years. With the advent of the first 3D games, technology began to rapidly focus and develop into bringing the most lifelike characters possible. From the Crudeness of Final Fantasy 7, to the polished world of Skyrim, we really have gone a long way.

While Consoles keep bringing forward what they can from their setup, they are usually just update every 4 years or so. They are not always at the peak of graphical performance. PC gaming on the other hand, brings forth the most beautiful looking games available, if you have the GPU to power it. In the PC realm, two giants battle for supremacy in the development of the best GPU: Nvidia and AMD. It would be best to note that AMD is also Intel’s greatest competitor in the Processor business.

AMD is all about games. This is what many shop owners and self-professed geek would tell you. From the processor to the GPU, AMD brings about the computer’s best in gaming integration right off the box. For some time now, Nvidia got the best of them with the GeForce GTX 680, gaining the top spot in the fastest single core GPU available on the market.

In a valiant (and successful) effort to hold on to their title as THE Company to go for gaming, they released the HD 7970 GHz Edition, an update from the current HD 7970. This new GPU effectively takes the top spot in power and speed giving out a 1GHz Engine Clock with 3GB GDDR5 Memory. This can be boosted to at least 1.05GHz with Boost or even more manually. Check out the rest of the specs below.

AMD’s advertised goal is to unseat the current top ranking single core GPU from Nvidia. Once the GPU comes out, it will be certain that several users will put it to the test and pit the finest from AMD and Nvidia. I would imagine that YouTube will be flooded once again by comparison videos. Stay tuned for that.

With these graphics cards becoming more and more powerful, you can be sure game manufacturers are watching out at how much more they can shell out in graphics for the next game. Those looking for the latest from AMD may have to shell out $500 upfront, so it would be best to start saving now. As for the common users like myself, I would wait till a game that requires that much power comes out before I would shell out that much for graphics.

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