eBay offers you to trade in for your old smartphones


As Samsung’s flagship phone nears its release this week, individuals are at a frenzy, as to what to do with their current devices. These individuals have decided to jump on to the Galaxy S III as reviews of the latter have been great if not excellent.

If you’re one of them, then you can opt to sell your flagship smartphones on eBay’s Instant Sale site. This site enables you to trade in your iPhone or BlackBerry, in exchange for a few hundred dollars.

For example, eBay is offering you up to $230 for your used iPhone4 while they will pay you up to $145 and $200 for you BlackBerry 9800 Torch and BlackBerry Bold 9900, respectively.

For HTC owners on the other hand, eBay is offering you up to $185 for your used Sensation and up to $175 for Rezound.

After you’ve reached a deal with eBay, you have to send your device within a week, using a free shipping label that’s being provided by eBay. You get paid after they receive your old smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is touted to be the iPhone killer. And within days of its release, it’s quite clear that a number of individuals are ready to shift to the Galaxy S III. We just have to hope that it lives up to its expectations.

Image Source: technobufallo.com