Facebook: what happens when you report someone?


See a graphic image or offensive and foul mouthed language in your Facebook feeds? You can opt to report it if you want. But what really happens when you report these types of lewd and loud images, profiles or status updates?

According to the social networking giant, there are four teams that are assigned to handle these types of cases: The Safety Team, Hate and Harassment Team, Abusive Content Team and Access Team.

Your report is funneled to a specific team, which then decides on whether to block or remove the content or the user who posted it, or ban it if the need arises.

For suicidal content, Facebook forwards this and gets in touch with the poster via a crisis hotline.

Facebook’s Social Reporting is a way for the company to control the content people post in their Facebook profiles. You can report bullying incidents, posers or those who threaten you through this way.

Is this Facebook’s way to clean the ranks of its members and clear those who pose danger to society by removing content that is explicit, warning those who harass you or other individuals? By the looks of it, yes.

This is one great way for Facebook to safeguard their members.

Have you used the report button?

Image Source: zdnet.com