Is your Android’s battery draining fast?


Ever wondered why your device’s battery level drains fast? Your battery is not the reason behind and it might be working just fine.

The culprit behind your predicament may not be your battery (unless there really is something wrong with it). Instead, it might be the apps that you’ve installed in your device. And yes, even the ones that you don’t use eat precious battery that you could have used for an important call.

According to a study done by a team from Purdue University, which they released to TechNewsDaily, they said that they examined a number of popular apps and what they do to Android smartphones.

What they found out was that some of these apps turn a number of parts in your phone including your processor, the GPS when they need it. They also found out what they call “no-sleep energy bugs”. These are mistakes in the program that fail to turn the components off when they are done.

TechNewsDaily also contacted Bard Spirrison of Appolicious, he said, “Anecdotally, it is true that Android devices typically drain more battery life due to those issues. Beyond bugs, many users don’t even know when multiple apps or programs are running, thus draining their phones.”

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