Apple just loves the new Macbooks


Apple started off real hot in this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The show starts with Siri’s familiar voice, but all eyes were on the new Macbook pro, which was officially unveiled by Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller. They call it “the most beautiful computer they’ve ever made“. This will of course put it in greater scrutiny to the eyes of the masses, but they sure have some convincing reasons.

Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro. Apple’s Macbook pro touts its power in the slimmest Pro yet. Measuring at only 0.71″ thin, and officially weighing at 4.5lbs, this superstar is on par with the Macbook Air, but with a stronger punch. The beauty does not stop there, as Apple’s Macbook Pro adapts the highly sought after Retina Display, giving you the best view of the whole internet. The display is at 15.4″ large diagonally, and sports 220 pixels per inch. The high pixel density will allow you to view the screen as sharply and as realistic as real paper. You have to go really close to notice the pixels at all.

At this point, many of Apple’s customers would be wary of the battery life, due to the high resolution screen. Worry not, as the new Macbook Pro from Apple will last you for about 7 hours long. That’s pretty long enough, considering the power it dishes out. It is also said to have much quieter fans, due to the new way they are placed in the overall design. The Macbook Pro touts at least an i5 or an i7 quad core processor. These are supposed to tout Intel’s latest and greatest ivy bridge processors, bumping the speed and efficiency significantly. Apple has really outdone itself this time.

The rest are standard bumps in specs for this generation, including USB 3.0, a couple of Thunderbird ports, HDMI, and Bluetooth 4.0. The new Macbook Pro connects with 802.11n Wi-Fi. There is also an SD card reader slot. With all that, you can be sure you are pretty well connected on this device.

The Macbook Pro is not the only Macbook that gets a bump in specs. The Macbook air will sport nearly identical specs, but slightly slower, slightly thinner and cheaper than the Macbook Pro.

Prices for Apple’s Macbook pro will be around $2,199 going up with larger memory choices, and the Air will show up at around $999 to $1,499. These are the future of the Mac. Apple seeks to be entirely up to date with hardware while providing the aesthetic beauty of Apple’s designs and software.

Will you be lining up the store for your new Mac soon?

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