Wrap your mic around your throat with the Black Ops 2


If you’ve watched any SEAL themed movie, say the Tears of the Sun, then you’ve certainly come across the microphones that they use that is basically hands free.

See the thing that wraps around their neck enables them to communicate with their comrades without the need of clicking anything. It surely is a gadget that we mortals would love to have.

The Black ops 2 Professional Tactical Headset is designed to work with your iPhone to make you the perfect merc, spy or paintball hero. This device wraps around your neck and pickups nestle up against your vocal cords.

This will cancel out environmental noise such as strong gusts of wind and loud neighbors. According to the company, “Direct voice communication free from environmental noise.”

Another great thing about this product is that you can still be heard even while whispering. This makes you a threat in those war games that relieves your boyish fantasies.

This may not look trendy and fashionable, but it has its uses and could give you the extra lift.

The Black Ops 2 Professional Tactical headset was developed by iASUS. The company might have thought about men’s dream of becoming a James Bond like figure. Imagine being able to play a Bond like character?

Image Source: evotactical.com