Get rid of freeloaders that access your WiFi


Freeloaders are a rampant problem in our society. From free giveaways to free internet, people will line up just to have a piece of it. A shop that offers free internet to its customers will be packed by patrons that only bought a single latte. And mind you, those individuals will stay for quite a while.

In your neighbor or community, once you have an unsecured WiFi to your home, you’d certainly see that a number of individuals will try to connect to your connection. Not placing a password to protect your network can mean free Internet to your neighbors. You’ll notice this because your connection might come out as slow and the problem with this is that they might even gain access to your computer or laptop.

But researchers from the Grenoble Institute of Technology and the Centre Technique du Papier in France has found a way to get rid of freeloaders even if you don’t password protect your WiFi network. They developed a wallpaper that shields your home from WiFi signals, may it be incoming or outgoing.

This said wallpaper blocks electromagnetic radiation in the frequencies used by WiFi but lets radio waves and cellphone signals go in and out without interference.

But before using this, you’d have to plan your interior design first. You’d have to place them in your exterior walls to prevent it from blocking signals within your house.

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