Want free Oakley’s? Like this site


Isn’t there an end to all these Facebook scams, or any scam for particular matter that are currently scouring the Web?

ZDnet is reporting that a new Facebook scam is once again terrorizing its members. The said scam promises to give those individuals who click on a certain page with a pair of brand new Oakley sunglasses.

It’s a very lucrative offer since these shades do come with a high price tag. But come on, do you think someone out there would really give you a free pair of shades just by clicking on links?

This scam says “Get a Free Pair of Oakleys! (limited time only)” followed by a link that would send you to a phony website.

If you click on the link, it redirects you to a Facebook Page that will try to trick you by saying that there are only limited sunglasses up for grabs. In order for you to win this, you’d have to share the Page with your friends then Like the Page and complete six “reward offers” that would likely cause money. They would then ask you about some of your personal information that will likely be shared with other scammers, marketers and sponsors.

Image Source: .wholesalecheapsunglasses.org