Nokia sues HTC, Rim and Viewsonic


Nokia Corp. has filed a suit in US and Germany courts against HTC and RIM saying that the two companies have infringed some of their patents.

The company said that they are trying to avoid litigation but had no choice when the two companies haven’t stopped using their technologies. The case also includes Viewsonic, a visual technology company.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since tech companies have been battling it out in courts to protect what they deem is their technology.

Nokia said that it lodged a complaint in the US International Trade Commission against HTC, and filed suits against HTC and Viewsonic in the Federal District Court in Delaware. The company also filed suits against HTC and Research in Motion in a regional court in Germany and against the three companies in courts in Mannheim and Munich.

The cases include about 45 Nokia patents. This include innovations like power management for mobile devices, dual function antennas, software features like multi-tasking, navigation and mobile email.

Nokia legal spokesperson Mark Durrant said, “These features are not essential to any standards, and therefore these companies are perfectly capable of making devices using their own technologies rather than using Nokia proprietary features covered by the patents in this suit. We are not seeking to exclude them completely from the market. We just want to stop illegal use of Nokia proprietary technologies without authorization.”

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