Draw Something bad news for Zynga?


Draw Something was a game that used to tickle our imagination and fancy. Now, it looks like this once popular app is slowly slipping into oblivion.

The once popular app was released last February of this year and within a couple of weeks, about 10 million individuals downloaded the said game. The free and paid versions of the app quickly rose to the top of iTunes download charts.

By the end of April about 50 million individuals were able to download the game and about 14 million people play the game each day. Unfortunately for the developers, Draw Something has lost about 4 million daily users according to market analyst AppData.

AppData collects information directly from Facebook’s active user formula. They added that the game has lost close to 900,000 users during the past week.

The company who developed the game, Zynga, recently bought OMGPOP for $180 million. The latter developed Draw Something and a few more online games that includes Checkers, Pool and others.

Due to the decline of the popularity of Draw Something, the company’s stock price fell. Since the acquisition of OMGPOP, Zynga’s stock has dropped to more than 38%.

Image Source: TGdaily.com