Telecom giant enters home security business


Telecommunications giant AT&T is entering the home monitoring business. The Telecom firm is going to invest heavily in a nationwide wireless home monitoring service.

The company calls this new business Digital Life. According to them, this will monitor homes from physical damages to burglaries. This technology can also adjust temperature of their homes and unlock the doors with the use of an Internet connection.

According to AT&T executive Glenn Lurie, tests will starts this year and involves sensors and cameras that are connected to a central home system that is also connected wirelessly to AT&T monitoring centers.

Lurie was very positive that this will increase the revenue of the company significantly.

He added, “When you’re a company like AT&T …you look at opportunities that are billion-dollar opportunities. Obviously to grow our business at any level, when you’re a $130 billion plus company, you have to look for significant opportunities. We view this as a significant opportunity.”

Analyst from Recon Analytics Roger Etner sees this move by AT&T as a good step for the company.

He said, “I don’t think they have a choice but to look for other revenue streams. If you want to change that, you have to add to it through additional services.”

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