Skype enables you to look-up your contacts IP addresses


If you’re a Skype aficionado you may be well aware that you can see the location of your contacts using’s Skype’s interface. But what you didn’t know most probably is that there is a way to display a subscriber’s remote and local IP address also.

An individual uploaded a script at Github that enables you to do so. According to the uploader, the script will enable you to lookup IP addresses of those who are currently online and it shall also provide you with their remote and local IP of that account on a website.

It starts with an add request from a Skype contact but it does not complete it. The file will display the remote and local IP of the user even if he/she hasn’t added you to his or her list of contacts.

What you only need to do is key in the username of the Skype member, type in the captcha, and click the search button to have this information available to you.

This only works if the user is online during the lookup time. The IP address will reveal the users country of origin, and could possibly give you the town or district that he/she is from.

Some individuals may not see any problem with this because IP addresses doesn’t really reveal your complete whereabouts. But IP addresses can lead you to that information.

There is no way of protecting yourself from being looked upon. Though you can use a proxy network or don’t use Skype unless you really have to.

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