Adult themed apps may soon be available in Windows Marketplace


It is difficult for developers of adult themed apps to jump into the market place without having their apps being taken down by app stores.

But Microsoft is trying to give a little hint to these developers on how to place their apps in the Windows Marketplace. This is due to the fact that adult themed apps have a big market out there and they are trying to cash in to the sales of these apps.

But Microsoft is warning developers to have a mature approach to this type of content.

Todd Brix said on the Windows Team blog, “Recently we decided that we could improve the shopping experience for all our customers by a more stringent interpretation and enforcement of our existing content policy. Specifically, we will be paying more attention to the icons, titles and content of these apps and expect them to be more subtle and modest in the imagery and terms used.”

He added, “This is about presenting the right content to the right customer and ensuring that apps meet our standards.”

He hinted that for images of these apps models, may it be male or female, should be a silhouette and not a real individual whose nude or scantily clad.

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