Pump up the volume with Sonos Sub


Another day, and another speaker is making waves in the market. This time it’s the wireless speaker Sonos that is shaking up the industry as they announced their latest contraption dubbed as the Sonos Sub.

This powerful subwoofer has been developed from inside to outside. With two force cancelling speaker positioned affront of each other, this design was created so as to avoid the cabinet buzz that usually resonates from other subs. It has two Class-D digital amplifiers and dual acoustic ports.

It also features DSP or digital sound processing that promises “zero-loss audio quality and energy.”

The company says that the Sonos Sub will not be able to differentiate the music you hear. Instead, you’ll feel it within you as it thumbs and pumps up the bass.

The Sonos Sub is a very promising subwoofer. Paired with your other Sonos hardware, it will provide a majestic experience to your ears as it gels smoothly with the latter.

The device was designed to be placed lying down, sit up or hide it under a sofa. It doesn’t make any difference as the performance won’t dip an inch.

The Sonos Sub will be released in the US by June 15 and is priced at $699. A matte black colored Sonos Sub will be released this October and is priced at $599.

Image Source: uncrate.comWhen