Amazon launches Test Drive beta


Amazon Inc. announced today that they are rolling out Test Drive on Android phones. Android users can now try apps on their phones before deciding to download, install or even purchase the product.

Amazon launched the Test Drive for a year ago. This allow customer to try apps from their computer browsers.

Developers need not fear about anything. When the latter submits apps to Amazon, the company automatically tests these apps for Test Drive. There are about 5,000 apps for Test Drive on Android phones and the company is constantly adding apps all the time.

The technology supports apps that use touch screen technology and accelerometer inputs.

Prospective buyers of apps can first click on the “Test Drive” button on an app product page and within a few seconds, they can use their Android compatible device to control the app. This enables customers to feel and text the app.

The Test Drive beta is available to users who update to the latest Amazon Appstore on their Android phones. Unfortunately, some phone models are not compatible for the Test Drive. Amazon has assured the public that they are currently working on it and in the coming months more Android phones can use the technology.

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