About Last Night: So where’s the party at?


Ever had the feeling of hitting the club but then at the last minute you suddenly realize you don’t know where the hottest party scene is? This usually occurs to individuals who are new to the locality or to travellers who are new to the city.

Darren and Derek Dodge developed a way to do just this. Launched during the Techcrunch Disrput conference, the brother’s latest development is the About Last Night app.

The About Last Night app is a location based way to know where the hottest party is happening around town. Users decide by voting where the most popular event is.

This app came about after the two brothers came up with the idea for the About Last Night app while they were having a difficult time deciding where to go that night. They decided to create a mobile app that enables individuals to do just this.

The father of the brothers is Don Dodge. The latter was once the vice president of product development for Napster. Now, the elder Dodge is working as a developer advocate for Google.

With the About Last Night app coming about, it would be easier for “partyphilles” to know where the hottest party is and dance their night away.

Image Source: dondodge.typepad.com