Facebook to Release a Dedicated Smartphone Next Year


Facebook intend to have own smartphone Facebook is widely believed to be working on releasing its own smartphone. This is according to the New York Times. Facebook is not interested in just using other Android phones to run their popular social app, but develop their own phone to take advantage of the almost half a billion active users.

The Facebook Company has sought some of the former Apple hardware engineers who worked on producing the iPad to help in the development

The speculation has been around for a while, with Facebook neither denying nor confirming the existence of such plans. The company is rumored to be discontent with simply running the Facebook app, seeking a share of the mobile market. The smartphone is said to be released early next year. In is currently in its testing phase. The code name for the new smartphone is Buffy.

This smartphone will be a first as it will have dedicated buttons for the Facebook functions. It is expected to be very popular among the social media fans. Just recently Facebook launched its own camera app and acquired Instagram. This shows that they are aiming to expand to more diversified products. The smartphone is expected to run on its own OS. This has however created questions on the ability of the market to support another smartphone with a unique operating system.

The smartphone idea is believed to be conceived after the release of HTC status phone, which offered a deeper Facebook experience. This was found to appeal to the Facebook fans and thus,the idea of a Facebook-developed smartphone, which not only offers the functions of a smartphone, but also better social media experience.

image source http://www.dailymail.co.uk