Sidecar app gives multi-tasking another meaning


The company formerly known as Socialeyes, which back then offered Facebook users a chance to video chat up to nine individuals, is now launching a new app that gives its smartphone users to multi-task breezily.

Now known as Sidecar, the company has developed a solution for mobile phone users to switch from a call to sharing your information with the other individual. The Sidecar app for Android phones, iPod touch and iPhone was launched last Tuesday.

The Sidecar app enables you to share to the one you’re talking to maps, text messages, live see-what-I-see video, contact, your location and photos. Although you can do this without the app, but it would be a tedious process and would require additional steps.

The call you make with the Sidecar app is free to anyone in North America is you use WiFi. If you use the app to call your friends and the other party doesn’t have the app, they’ll receive and SMS informing them that they can download the app. Regular call rates apply if you don’t use WiFi for calling.

On reviewer of the app said that the quality of the call was not excellent, though it has a lot of pros that can eventually overshadow this problem.

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