Dayton Audio B652: Quality affordable speakers


Speakers are one of the last things that people buy when they set up their PCs. Why would individuals place it on top of their list when they can use their computers without them.

But at this day and age of technology advancements, speakers are a must have for any home. Today, these devices are back on track as iPods and digital music players are now back on the scene.

Majority of the good speakers are expensive. That is why people tend to shy away from them and choosing speakers that are affordable, but quality-wise, isn’t up to the task.

Not until the Dayton Audio B652 arrived at the scene. These aren’t the most attractive speakers out there in the market. But for under $50, these bookshelf speakers emit great sounds.

The company may not be as popular as those expensive brands out there. Dayton is a leading supplier or loudspeaker drivers (raw) and speaker building accessories. The company is also marketing home theater systems.

The Dayton B652 emits a crisp sound and has excellent bass quality for an inexpensive speaker. it may not be designed lavishly, but these black speakers aren’t that bad looking.

If you’re looking for a budget speaker, the Dayton B652 might be the right choice for you.

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