Your iPad is secured with Mapi Cases Orion


The iPad has taken the tech world by storm. Ever since its inception, it has become more and more popular as this tiny tablet slowly becomes a must-have for tech-savvy individuals.

Since the iPad is basically a scratch magnet, entrepreneurs have blossomed from different sides. These guys have found a way to earn money through cashing in to your iPad obsession by developing protective casing to shield your gadget from the harsh realities of the environment.

A US based company named MapiCases has emerged as one of the top companies in this industry. They make cases out of authentic cowhide leather. They manufacture their products in Turkey.

One product stands out the most is the MapiCases Orion. You can definitely tell that it’s a quality product just by glancing at it. The leather design looks great and with 5 colors to choose from, you’d certainly have no problems picking one for your iPad.

The Orion iPad’s creen flap opening is at the short side of the tablet. It has four parts as the flap can be folded so as to make your device stand. It can stand in both portrait and landscape positions.

Your iPad slides into the compartment at the side and is secured with a press down button.

The MapiCases Orion is a great buy and investment for your most valued iPad.

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