Samsung releases pocket megazoom camera


Korean tech giant Samsung Corp. announced during this year’s CES their WB150F pocket megazoom camera.

The WB150F brings with it an 18X optical zoom lens that has a 24mm wide angle and 432mm telephoto capability. Not only does it feature a great lens, but it is also capable of connecting you to the Internet using its WiFi capability.

This device has in-camera emailing and uploading features using the WiFi and the company has teamed up with two free mobile apps for iOS and Android that allows you to share content from camera to your smartphone.

The MobileLink app is a peer-to-peer interface to connect your camera to a phone via WiFi connection and vice versa.

The WiFi menu of this device also gives you access to Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa and YouTube. Video uploads are limited only to 324 by 240 resolution clips with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

This point and shoot camera is a great camera for starters and for those who love to share photos in their social networking accounts. If we compare it to other WiFi enabled cameras, the WB150F is impressive. It has an uncluttered button layout and it is user friendly.

Though the image quality of the camera is only good, the video quality it produces is far behind its competitors.

Try it for yourself.

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