Facebook teams up with security firms to fight malware


Facebook is well known in the social networking industry as they have become the most preferred website to meet and greet friends.

Today, Facebook is venturing into something new. The company is trying to provide you with security to protect yourself from hackers and scammers.

Facebook has setup a market that gives you free anti-virus solutions for you to be safeguarded from the threats of cyberspace.

They offer five anti-virus softwares from different security firms. They are Sophos, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro internet security both for PCs and Macs and McAfee Internet security. The versions that Facebook users can download offers up to six months of free security coverage.

The company announced that they are doing this so as to avoid or reduce malware attacks on Facebook users by implementing defense mechanisms and shutting down pages, apps and accounts that can be deemed as harmful to your PC or Mac.

The teaming up of Facebook and these different security vendors enables the social networking site to build a database of malicious webpages so that their members will be protected against them.

So you can download these security applications to protect yourself from lurking individuals.

Take note that you can only download one security application for a single account.

Image Source: trbimg.com