The rebirth of Friendster


One of the pioneering social networking website in the planet has recently created a stir after they announced that they are reinventing itself.

Friendster used to lord it over other social networking sites. Before the dawn of Myspace and Facebook, the former was one of the most preferred when it comes to finding friends online.

As Facebook blossomed into something that it is today, Friendster slowly faded into the background.

Now it is coming back with a vengeance and a little bit of tweaking. MOL Groups CEO, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, said, “By leveraging on Friendster’s strongest asset in the form of its millions of users and harnessing MOL’s strength as a e-payments and content distributer, we were able to successfully redesign Friendster to become a social discovery and gaming platform, host to the largest online community in Southeast Asia.”

There are about 50 games in their roster. These include single- player, multi-player and MMO titles from different gaming genres. Users can chat with other pals while playing games and at the same time earn rewards for playing.

It is interesting to see how Friendster redefines itself from a pure social networking site to a gaming website. While it is good to note the online gaming is truly a huge hit in the market, this gamble by Friendster could lead them to something big or could drastically force them to close shop.

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