India tops “Dirty Dozen” list


India has made headlines again as the country was recognized as the top spamming nation in the world.

According to security firm Sophos, India topped the list in a report that they call “Dirty Dozen.” India is joined by eleven other countries in the list.

The sheer volume of junk mail that was traced back to the country was the reason behind the distinction. During the first 3 months of this year, the volume of junk email coming from India exceeded that of other countries including the US.

Sophos added that about 10% of junk email being sent around the globe comes from India.

Technology consultant at Sophos Graham Cluley said, “If you have a spam in your inbox, there’s an almost one in ten chance that it was relayed from an Indian computer.”

Sophos also said that the primary reason to the increase in junk mail being sent in India is due to the fast growth of new Internet users in the country and computers that are not very well protected.

Cluley added, “The latest stats show that, as more first time Internet users get online in growing economies, they are not taking measures to block the malware infections that turn their PCs into spam-spewing zombies.”

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