Smart tire to be unveiled this week


Is there such a thing as a smart tire?

Well, according to a New York Daily News report, a group or researchers at Leipzig University are trying to create the world’s first “intelligent” tire. The latter has self-adapting abilities to whatever weather condition you are in to.

The researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Liepzig will showcase the “adaptive tire” at the Hanover Fair, the world’s largest industrial fair later this week.

Detlef Riemer who heads the team said, “Today’s choices of tires near me are always a compromise between the ability to brake and petrol consumption. The car driver has to take into consideration every sort of weather condition, and you can’t change tires while you’re driving.”

But the team’s “adaptive tire” has sensors that will recognize different terrain’s and whether it’s wet, dry or its snowing.

The profile of the wheel automatically raised or widened if the need arises even while the car is in transit.

Riemer added, “that means your is always equipped with the best possible tire and noise and petrol consumption are automatically optimized, too. The driver no longer has to think about adapting their tires. The tire itself ‘thinks too.”

This patented technology, if perfected, could help minimize road accidents caused by extreme weather.

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