Shitter lets you print tweets on toilet paper


Taking a dump has never been this fun.

A new company is offering a one of a kind service that lets individuals to print your tweets onto a roll of toilet paper.

A website aptly called Shitter has opened its doors to avid Twitter subscribers for them to enjoy their odd product. According to the company this product “will take one or more feeds from you Twitter account and turn it into four rolls of toilet paper, delivered straight to your door.”

According David Gillespie, founder of Shitter said to Huffington Post in an interview, “We actually talked about that. We’d been talking about how trivial some of these social networks are. We were looking at Pinterest and thinking, ‘What IS this?’”

Gillespie and his friends and former colleagues Johny Mair, Ian Ha and Matthew Delprado are the men behind this innovation.

The service was launched last Wednesday and the brand spread like wildfire over the net. The first corporate order was done by Magnolia Boxing.

Twitter UK office manager Helen Moyes tweeted, “OMG I’m so ordering [Shitter] for the @TwitterUK office.”

The toilet paper itself is not revolutionary. It’s a two-ply like most of the toilet papers available in the market.

For $35 you can start tweeting and start wiping.

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