Opera releases new browser for mobile devices


Norwegian company Opera Software ASA announced that they have released their latest browser for mobile apps. The company claims that their latest entrant to the browser world will have faster page rendering and has user interface enhancements.

The latest version of the Opera Mini is now available for download at Opera’s website and as well as the Android Market.

According to the company, Opera Mini 7 comes with OpenGLES hardware acceleration for fast web browsing and a much better panning on websites.

The new browser also has RTL text support in UI (Arabic and Hebrew), Beam support (NFC on Android 4.x) and an optional Exit button.

It also features a much improved Speed Dial buttons on the start page. Users only need to single tap tabs to close them.

Previous versions of the browser only allowed a maximum of nine Speed Dial buttons.

Opera Mini is using the main Opera web browser’s Turbo feature built to increase the speed of web browsing and cut download sizes by rerouting page queries through the company’s proxy server.

Google Chrome Beta, the Android’s only web browser for the Ice Cream Sandwich, is the main rival of the Opera Mini.

Opera Mini can run on Android’s 1.5 or above for installation.

Image Source: webmonkey.com